Ideas and Inspirations!

In all my years of growing plants and designing with flowers, I have found that there are never enough images and information to satisfy my thirst for "visual beauty!"
The creation of a website with a section to satisfy that thirst has been the toughest part of this entire project since there is never just one topic to cover...but, we hope that the topics we have listed here to the left of this page will focus in on some the more key aspects of Ornamental Horticulture; and from here, you can develop your own ideas and inspirations whether they be from us or from the photos that have been shared by many of our customers. Even a photo of someone's success with their "Jersey" Tomatoes may inspire you or remind you of something you thought about for your own garden!
Would you like a special topic to be covered here? Maybe you have a few pictures you would like to share? Please us the "contact us" page and write to us about it!

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