Landscape Ideas

Check in with us here on occasion as we will post projects and ideas along with pictures to maybe inspire you with your flowerbeds and gardens.

For this year, we worked on moving one of our flowerbeds from being in the middle of our yard to the edge of the street. Creating a new flowerbed is actually easier than it may appear to be, and with a bit of cooperation with the weather, you can make any flowerbed as simple or as complex as you wish!

The first step is an easy one: draw out a plan!
Make a list: what size will the garden or flowerbed be? Will your garden be in full sun, shade, or a mix of both? How about irrigation? The answers to these key questions will help determine what plants you can choose. Lastly, is the existing soil beneath the grass adequate enough for plants, or will you need to ammend the soil or even create a "raised" bed? Click through the numbers to the right to see what we did...perhaps something here will give you ideas, too!

image one
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