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To the left is a collection of pages to help give you a better idea of all the most popular brands of plants we carry each season, and to also introduce you to a few good folks whose products and services you may find of interest to you.

Brand-name plants like the "ProvenWinners" are plants that are not grown from a seed. They are licensed, patent-protected plants, thoroughly indexed for disease resistance, insect resistance, quality performance, and color. Although we cannot possibly offer every- single plant in each brand, we have chosen to grow only the most popular and according to your requests. Should you know of a particular variety from any of the plant brands we carry that we do not have, please use the "Contact Us" page and let us know.
For the few folks that have similar business interests to ours, links to their specific websites can be found on each of their pages. "Catering By Donna" is exclusive to our website.

ProvenWinners...we have them!

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We are a "Certified Garden Center" for ProvenWinners!

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