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Wave Petunias!

One of the most recognized and most asked-for-by-name flowers during the Spring season are the Wave Petunias.
Also widely known as "Wave-Rave" petunias, these particular annuals grow much different then their garden-cousins. With branching and true-trailing habits, these plants perform outstandingly in any garden, window box, or mixed-container garden.
Starting out with only one variety many years ago, the "Purple Wave Petunia", the offering of these plants has grown to not only include many other colors and bi-colors, but also double-bloom varieties and several differences in branching-habits - all giving you a much more wide range of ideas for you to use them with.
We carry many in each category of the Wave Petunias that are available. Contact us or stop in to see if we have what you are looking for!

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Wave Petunias
Click here to visit the Wave-Rave Petunias website for added information.
You can also find them on facebook by clicking here.