Autumn Season!

One year, my next-door neighbor asked me to put together a wooden wheel-barrow for him since he didn't have the tools to do so. He then asked if I could make a "display" in his front yard before his wife came home from work. He wanted to surprise her, since Autumn is her favorite time of year.
With the completed wagon, two bales of straw, a few corn-stalks, and an array of Mums, anytime she would turn the corner on the way home she would see a small visual display of her favorite season!
Any chance to create a feeling of "peace and enjoyment" is an investment in everyone's well-being, whether it be for all who see your display or just for your own enjoyment! You can turn any plain view of your house or apartment into a pleasing, visual display of the Autumn season.

Autumn Display

If you have a photo of a display that you have created and would like to share, please let us know by using the "contact us" page and we will work it out to get it into here!