There are never the right words to say, or words that can be expressed...
The use of flowers is an age-old tradition, the best of which being, "a celebration of a life with life present", but nowadays the expense of having a funeral service can be overwhelming due to cost. A memorial service should NEVER have to go without flowers because of expense.
You can still have the freshest and most beautiful flowers available with the special touch of knowing that your flowers will be long-lasting, as many have shared with us by taking their arrangements home with them. Please see "Tribute Collection" which is a selection of images for you to browse that we hope will help assist you in making decisions.

With just a few arrangements present, we can help you make this period of time a little more bearable.

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At your convenience please call us at 856-848-3945, or visit
our "Contact Us" page to setup an appointment. We can come to your home at no additional cost to you if it will make this time easier for you and your family.